Life Style Photography – Grace Lee & Sunny from KGMB9’s Sunrise Show

KGMB9s Grace Lee Lyfe Style Shot for SINGLES Magazine in Korea

Part of SINGLES Magazine in Korea’s magazine feature for Grace Lee from KGMB9. Not sure if they’ll be using this exact photo but i like this one.

I’ll update this post later but the day started off at 7am with candid studio shots of Grace working in her news anchor enviorment. It was kind of exciting to see them do the whole thing live. After we headed towards Ala Moana Beach Park to shoot Grace with her dog Sunny walking on the beach! Didn’t bring any heavy or expensive equip, just a Alien Bee 400 and battery pack . . I used the stock light blub deflector dish to bounce my light . . I find myself doing that alot . . ah it works!


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